Tuesday 5 March 2013

How to Increase Affiliate Sales by 75%

Affiliate marketing is an essential part of today’s digital marketing strategy, largely because your affiliates understand your market, providing you the opportunity to reach out to a highly-defined target group, receptive to your message.

With affiliates being financially motivated to sell your products by earning a commission, they are quickly responsive to evolving products and changing market conditions, giving you online prominence via websites, blogs and social channels.

The benefits of affiliate marketing are clear, with a low risk and pay-on-results marketing model, it offers a solid return on investment without any nasty surprises at the end of the month.

There are a number of global affiliate networks around, such as Commission Junction, Tradedoubler or affilinet – to name but a few. They all are big players, excellent global networks with hundreds of affiliate programmes and thousands of publishers; so how is it possible for a much smaller Affiliate Network such as our very own Fifth Dimension Affiliate Tracking, to generate significantly better results than these top networks, and to consistently achieve up to 75% more sales every month?

The answer is simple: because we focus on a niche area and put all our efforts into marketing emerging payments products (including prepaid cards, m-wallets and mPOS devices), putting all our energy into finding the right affiliates to push your sales.

Whilst big players often get caught up in the variety of their affiliate programmes (by trying to cover all industries and products at the same time) they often lack the insight and expertise in defined sectors such as emerging payments. By focusing on one market only, we know the right people and can develop suitable promotions with them to boost your sales.

As a result of managing close relationships with the emerging payments industry, our FD Affiliate Tracking can be much more effective than many of the top affiliate networks. For example, with clients, who operate across multiple affiliate networks, Fifth Dimension outperforms the next best network by more than 75%:

Fifth Dimension affiliate network outperforms larger affiliate networks
Fifth Dimension outperforms other larger affiliate networks
within prepaid and emerging payments

In fact, in the above graph which shows the prepaid MasterCard sales for one of our clients during February 2013, we even out-performed the next best global affiliate network by almost 100%!

We don’t want to promise too much, but if you’re in emerging payments – as an advertiser or a publisher - you should definitely get in touch with our Affiliate Management Team!


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