About Us

We are the marketing agency for europe's emerging payments sector.

Philip Campbell Fifth Dimension® was founded by Phil Campbell in 1992, way back before most people had even heard of the Internet and mobile phones weren't particularly mobile. We spent many years servicing the entertainments industry, corporate clients and educational organisations before deciding to specialise, harnessing our expertise and knowledge and applying it to a specific area: electronic money and payments.
In 2010 we joined the prepaid industry's leading trade body, the Global Prepaid Exchange, seeing the organisation as a way of contributing to the industry rather than as a way of simply benefiting from it.

As a company, Fifth Dimension has become an emerging payments evangelist, spearheaded by MD Phil Campbell, who takes every opportunity to promote the industry by offering his expert opinion and commentary to the press and media.

Phil is also an experienced keynote speaker for the prepaid and e-money industry, available for speaking at payments events, conferences and expos, not only as a marketing speaker but as an authority on many aspects of the emerging payments industry.