Tuesday 23 July 2013

Moneto launches in the UK

Fifth Dimension is pleased to announce the launch of Moneto in the UK – promising to bring faster, more convenient payments to your mobile phone.

Moneto is the brainchild of US based Device Fidelity, and neatly converts smart phones into NFC enabled devices – either through a case for Apple’s iPhone, or direct with a replaceable MicroSD card for Android devices. The accompany app then provides access to an electronic wallet which allows for payments simply by tapping the phone to a contactless reader in store.

Moneto allows users to convert their smart phone to a contactless payment device!

For online transactions or where retailers do not support contactless, then an accompanying prepaid MasterCard allows the user to make their payment – with funds being accessed from the same account.

Moneto has partnered with UK based issuer, Kalixa, to provide the prepaid MasterCard and e-wallet that sits behind the Moneto app.

What we think is best about the concept is the pure simplicity of it. There’s been much hype about NFC and mobile payments and while there are plans among some mobile operators to enable similar technology, Moneto is truly agnostic. So regardless of who you bank with, or your mobile contract, you can simply buy your case and Moneto card and start making payments immediately.

To find out more, visit: www.moneto.co.uk

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