Monday 26 November 2012

Is Barclaycard PayTag stealing a march on PayPal

In their post on Friday, the Tamebay website suggests that PayTag, the NFC sticker solution from Barclaycard was getting one over on PayPal by getting consumers used to the idea of paying with their mobile phone - though clearly, the user has to make the connection of actually fixing the sticker to their mobile.

Barclays PayTag is an NFC sticker
Barclays PayTag is not really a mobile contactless payment
option's basically just a sticker
It's all part of the hotbed of discussion that is NFC - will it, won't it ...and so often biased towards whatever Apple say or do. While Barclays have clearly been championing NFC with their contactless TV campaign, and following on with PayTag, it seems a great shame that they couldn't actually follow this through with a real mobile NFC product.

The PayTag solution is so limited and lacks any sophisticiation that will actually drive the desire behind NFC adoption. Fortunately there are products coming to the market over the coming weeks that will allow genuine mobile NFC payments, providing the consumer with genuine benefits, such as access to their account, person to person payments and the ability to switch the NFC payment capability off and on when required.

So while we would congratulate Barclays on their advocacy of contactless payments, i can't help thinking that PayTag is not really delivering.

Read the original Tamebay article at:

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